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All artists for Sculpt Oneroa 17/18 are Waiheke residents and come from a wide range of backgrounds.


Some are recognised sculptors in their field with established careers, while others are just starting out in creating artworks at this scale, but all have created thoughtful  responses to the challenge of placing art within a village setting.





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Tui's Drop


1.  James Wright




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Hakaimango Point


2.  Karl Baxter


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Breeze Way Tent

 3.    Sally Lornie


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Why Knot?


4.  Nico Otero



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Infrastructure 5


5.  Oliver Stretton Pow


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 6.   Daniel Johner


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Kotahi Aroha - One Love


7.   Anton Forde

$5,000 each, or $9,000 for both

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Lunch With My Girlfriends


8.   Belinda Fabris


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9.   Michael McDonald


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Nice 1 Mate


10. Jay Lloyd


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Topophilia - Love of Place & Landscape


11.   Barbara Robinson



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Works By Waiheke Youth


12.   Reuben Shortland, Mika O’Brien, Hank Lloyd, Anabelle Ross , Bella Hessell , Jaz Caitcheon , Jemilah Ross-Hayes, Kiva Harrison-Hughes, Tom Burn, Eva Blok and Leslie Han and Kalia Andrews.


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Dragons Egg

 13.  John Freeman


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The Carrying of the Waterfall

 14.  Maria Lloyd




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Ngā Pae Tapu

 15.  Paora Toi Te Rangiuaia


Poho Kereruu - Filled with pride

42cm x 14cm x 13cm $2800.001 Cast Aluminium, Green anodising


Kootare Koopere - Blue dart

28cm x 28cm x 7cm $2100.00 Cast Aluminium, Blue anodising                      



Toutouwai Mahira - The curious Robin 14cm x 16cm x 6cm $1300.00 Cast AluminIum, Black anodising 



"He Kororaa, he tohu oranga"

The Blue penguin, an indication of health

29cm x 11cm x11cm  $1400.00 Cast Aluminium, Blue anodising


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Te Wairere o Hine Tapeka

 16. Nigel Scanlon